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Overseas Programme

Enriching Student Life with Holistic Education

One of the key strategies SP adopted towards fostering of global orientation is to raise students’ awareness of the economic and social development in the region. Such awareness can be gained through a wide range of overseas programmes: such as overseas industry training programme/ internship, community service, immersion programme, and etc.

Students at Singapore Polytechnic (SP) gain an invaluable insight into the region’s present economic and social conditions through participation in the polytechnic’s overseas programmes. These programmes introduce students to foreign cultures while instilling character-building traits such as independence and open-mindedness. Students also come away with a global perspective, which they could apply to their future work, business and life as a whole.




In addition to gaining an invaluable global perspective, programme participants also develop crucial skills and traits that will help them in their work and everyday life.


Over the course of the programmes, participants are able to:

  •     Practice their skills and knowledge in real world working environments
  •     Gain a better awareness of world issues and develop a greater appreciation for other cultures
  •     Establish ties with other students from Singapore and overseas
  •     Hone life skills through living in a new environment including self-reliance, adaptability, teamwork and problem solving.
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